10 ways to kick off your IT career in 2017

Tech giant Google describes careers in IT by “Do cool things that matter”. IT professionals are transforming businesses every day and enjoy careers that are rich in variety. But how do you actually get started? Check out our tips here.

The role of a designer                                                                      

From UX/UI to mobile and marketing, designers have now earned a seat at the decision making table alongside their engineering counterparts. There is still a lot of gray area around title and responsibilities in the design world, check out a few of the niche designer roles here.

10 ways to attract and retain the best IT talents

Right now, competition for technology professionals is fiercer than ever. At the same time, the economy has slowed down, leaving many companies unable to offer higher salaries and remuneration. So, beyond salary hikes, how do you secure the cream of the crop?

How recruitment can keep your business at the leading edge of technology

“Innovation,” said Apple’s Steve Jobs, “distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

If you want to get ahead of the rest, then you need to recruit the talent to get you there. Our team of specialist IT recruiters offer their insights into finding and hiring quality talent who can help your business innovate.

Fancy yourself as an IT guru?

In the fast-paced IT industry, standing still is simply not an option. Technology is changing rapidly and professionals have to keep up, or be left behind. 

With digital transformation on the top of many business’s agenda, our IT specialists share their tips on how to stay ahead in an industry where change is hard to predict.

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