My recruitment career in New Zealand

My recruitment career in New Zealand

Sean joined Robert Walters as a recruitment consultant in October 2016. He moved to New Zealand from Scotland, having previously worked in recruitment for a year, recruiting specifically for the Scottish government. 

My move to New Zealand

I’d lived in Australia for a year and it was always the dream to return to this side of the world. I wanted to go somewhere with a similar vibe and lifestyle to Australia so I chose New Zealand. I didn’t have a job before I left. I decided I should just go for it and that I’d be able to find work when I arrived. The Auckland job market didn’t disappoint there’s always different opportunities coming up. 

The lifestyle  

The lifestyle, culture and people are awesome. From my perspective the work-life balance is promoted a lot more here than in Scotland. Things like hitting the beach and having BBQs seem like a stereotype but it’s actually true. The work-life balance is right which makes you happier in your personal life and that gets reflected in your work. 

When I think about what I’d do on the weekend back home, it’s so different. The dynamic around work is viewed so differently in Scotland. It’s one of the key driving factors in me wanting to stay. In Auckland you’re always a 30 minute drive from a hidden beach or a hike – New Zealand is super outdoorsy. 

It’s way more social across the week as well. That culture is so important, it’s more relaxed and you head out all the time – whether it’s a beer after work or sport – there’s always something on. 

Getting a Visa 

If you plan to stay for more than a year, you need to get your Visa linked to a company . It can be daunting but when you’re with a company that appreciates you, like Robert Walters, it’s easy to commit. There’s a bit of give and take – I want to build and develop my career here so committing to an organisation is a great way to do that. 

The Visa process is really easy. I was on a Working Holiday Visa and then moved it to a Work-to-Residency Visa. Robert Walters helped me with everything and it took just over a month to get it all done. The way I’m going I’ll be a New Zealand resident in January 2020. 

Working at Robert Walters 

There was a lot of support from the team, even outside of work  people were so keen to help me out. Everyone is from a different background so they really get it.  

I came over on my own and joined a business with a lot of people around my age who had moved countries just like I had. It’s like a big family which has helped me settle into life here much faster. 

My top tips for a successful career move

1. Look before you leap

It shouldn’t be something that you just jump into, I took some time to think about what I wanted from a career point of view and a lifestyle change. I’d had the experience from living in Australia so I had an idea of what I was getting myself into. 

Going back to Scotland at Christmas to visit highlighted how much I enjoy life out here in New Zealand. Scotland will always be home but now New Zealand is my second home. 

2. Location location location 

I lived in the CBD initially but living in the suburbs provides you with more work-life balance. I would suggest areas like Kingsland, the North Shore, Mt Eden and Ponsonby. Make sure you look on TradeMe. There are so many flats on there and it isn’t just used by people travelling through New Zealand, Kiwis use it too. 

The challenges  

Moving away from my friends and family wasn’t easy. It was challenging working in recruitment in NZ because I really didn’t know the market. A good support framework was key to me settling into New Zealand and becoming successful in the business. The team at Robert Walters were understanding and the backing was always there. 

I feel as though my career and my personal growth has really excelled here. I feel richer for the experiences I’ve had and it’s really nice to see what I’ve achieved over the last year.

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