About ELSA


The Ministry of Education and the environment in which we operate has evolved, meaning that Early Learning and Student Acheivement (ELSA) must focus on the future and adapt to the changing needs of learners. We need to take a considered and well-planned approach to what we do, enhancing our capability to measure the return on our investments and take action to increase learner achievement.

ELSA exists to support education leaders to lift achievement along the pathway for children and young people's learning from ages 0-18 years. This support extends into further education and work. It sets the system-level learning for every child and student to achieve educational success by:

  • a quality, responsive, future focused workforce
  • quality pedagogical leadership 
  • responsive curricula, learning technology and assessment 
  • seamless learning pathways, progressively building the skills and knowledge for future education, work and life 
  • resources, support and investment in innovation for teaching and learning 
  • working with Communities of Learning (CoL) 
  • working with the profession, making and facilitating linkages between schools, tertiary providers and employers 

A key component of the new design for ELSA is a heightened and strengthened focus across the entire learner pathway, enabling coherent services, seamless curricula and smooth transitions across learner age groups. This reflects what is happening in the sector itself, with a much stronger focus on pathways and transitions within schools and Communities of Learning and onto tertiary and employment. 

Our new structure creates an operating model which will encourage collaborative relationships with the education sector as a whole and support the need to respond to changing requirements, expectations and responsibilities. The way we work will be as important as the structure we work in, in determining success. Cultural and process change will be required as we continue to focus on understanding the key levers for increasing student achievement. 

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