Business transformation opportunities

The new Business Improvement and Support group is focused on aligning with the Ministry's business strategy to deliver great results for the organisation. We will: 

  • Work collaboratively with customers right across the Ministry and the Sector to deliver business improvement benefits 
  • Provide expertise in Investment Logic Mapping, process improvement, Lean Six Sigma, and other tools to support the development of strategy, change proposals and investment initiatives 
  • Improve planning, prioritisation, coordination and implementation of the Business Enablement and Support group's work programme.  

Be a part of a team that's making a real impact across New Zealand in one the following roles: 

  • Manager, Business Improvement | Kaiwhakahaere, Whakapainga Pakihi 
  • Principal Advisor, Business Improvement | Kaitohutohu Matua, Whakapainga Pakihi 
  • Stakeholder and Engagement Specialist | Mātanga, Whakaanga Hunga Whaipānga 
  • Process Improvement Specialist | Mātanga Whakapainga Tukanga 
  • Advisor, Office of the Deputy Secretary BE & S | Kaitohutohu, te Tari o te Tumuaki Taurua
  • Programme Advisor | Kaitohutohu Hōtaka 

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