Real world problems

Our clients have supplied some real world problems that they need help solving. Check out the list below, have a think about which one you'd like to solve and what your solution might be. 


In an effort to create a 100% online, frictionless loan application we have 'sterilised' the process and dehumanised the experience. How can we inject the humanity back into a 100% online loan application without actually adding humans into the process? Use your imagination to humanise a series of application screens to a successful or unsuccessful loan application outcome. This is as much about user experience and customer experience, as it is about tech. 


The TVNZ OnDemand service is greatly expanding its catalogue of online only content. However, like all Video OnDemand (VOD) services, it is always a challenge to help viewers discover the great content TVNZ has available. We are looking to see suggestions on novel ways that we can help our viewers discover the breadth of our content and find new shows to fall in love with. 


As a purpose led organisation, IAG needs to help their employees through employment transitions, e.g. welcoming new starters so they feel valued and cared for in a short space of time, and taking care of depearting employees. Propose a solution to improve employee experience as they transition in or out of the business that focuses on diversity, inclusion and simplicity. 

The Instillery

With thousands of continually updating software options now in the market (many with overlapping features and target verticals), how can we support customers to decide which SaaS companies meet their needs and know what software integrates with others? (Note: it helps to refer to a list of SaaS companies to date, so you're aware of what's in the market.)

Robert Walters 

At Robert Walters, we strive to deliver a consistent, high-level candidate experience regardless of what role you're applying for or what consultant you're dealing with. Due to the dynamic nature of the role, our consultants are often time-poor which can lead to an inconsistent experience for candidates. 

We think there is an opportunity to improve candidate experience through automation. Are you able to create a solution that allows us to enhance and streamline our candidate experience while at the same time reducing consultant workloads? 



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