Contracting as an independent contractor

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As a Robert Walters contractor you have a range of contracting options to choose from. In choosing the right option for you, you need to consider your personal and financial circumstances. We strongly recommend that you obtain your own independent financial and tax advice before you determine the most suitable contracting option for you.



1. Contracting on a Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE) basis, either as: 

  • Option 1A - PAYE Contractor without Contractor Benefits 
  • Option 1B - PAYE Contractor with Contractor Benefits 

2. Contracting as an independent contractor (IC), either as: 

  • Option 2A - IC without Contractor Benefits 
  • Option 2B - IC with Contractor Benefits 

3. Contracting through a Management Company 

Contracting as an independent contractor 

The following options are available if you choose to contract through a proprietary company (either your own or through a management company) 

Option A: IC without Contractor Benefits 

If you choose option A: 

  • Your invoices will be paid weekly using Robert Walters generated Recipient Created Tax Invoices. 
  • Your statutory obligations and your contractual obligations with Robert Walters require you to have coverage for ACC, Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance at your cost. You will be required to provide evidence of these insurances in accordance with your contract with Robert Walters. 

You will not have access to the additional benefits outlined in Option B 

Option B: IC with Contractor Benefits 

in consideration for a small service fee, you can access the following benefits: 

  • Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance: provides you with your own Public Liability and Professional indemnity insurance for your engagement with Robert Walters, and complies with your contractual insurance obligations. 
  • Partner Benefits: special access to discounted rates and benefits as part of Robert Walters corporate program with its partners including: 

- RCSA Corporate membership benefits. Enjoy access to a variety of discounts and benefits as part of Robert Walters corporate membership, including lifestyle, travel & holiday, telco & car, insurance, and finance products and benefits 

- Foreign Exchange. Discounts through XE 

- Les Mills. Discounted gym membership rates 

- Additional benefits listed here  

Option 3: Management Company 

If you have chosen to contract through this option, we will need all the information in relation to the management company at the on-boarding stage to ensure you are paid as quickly as possible. 


For more information on contracting as a PAYE Contractor contact us.

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