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5 Questions to ask when considering a counter offer

You've been offered a new job, but you're approached with a counter-offer from your current employer. What to do? These questions will help you work through your options.
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Six signs it's time to move on

Your interests and goals change over time, but how do you know if you’re ready to think about a change of job? Here are a few indicators that it might be time for you to make your move.
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13 things to do now before your next job

Finding a new job can be frustrating. To ensure things are moving in the right direction, here are 13 things you can start doing now.

Is social media effecting your job search?

Social media is playing a prominent role in recruitment, are these platforms effecting your job search?

The truth about careers in the public sector

How much do you really know about the public sector? It's not all red tape and compliance. Andy from the Department of Internal Affairs dishes the truth about the public sector.

Should you accept a counter-offer?

Have you considered whether or not you would accept a counter-offer? Make sure you make the right decision by reading our guide.

Start a career in brand management

Looking for a career in brand management? We look at the key requirements, responsibilities and salary expectations of a brand manager.

Are you due for a promotion?

Are you ready to ask for a promotion? Make sure you’ve prepared a strong case to support your request and see if you’ve done what it takes.
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Public vs. private procurement

There are several key differences between public and private sector procurement jobs. Find out which suits you best.