5 reasons to job search now


The start of the year is often marked by networking and reviewing budgets, so it’s easy to assume it isn’t the best time of year to search for a new job. Here are five reasons to start your search now:

1. Start conversations for  opportunities in the new year

Having conversations at the start of the year will put you ahead of those on holiday and front of mind to hiring managers looking to hire early for new starters to commence in the new year.

2. Planning for 2018

Plans for 2018 are completed with employers looking next to how they will resource new projects. It is the time to reconnect on conversations you may have had last year with recruiters, hiring managers and within your network to remind them you are on the search.

3. Budgets

Alongside planning, many organisations have approved budgets for 2018 so will be looking to hire and fill new headcount. Many employers begin the hiring process in the start of the year.

4. Holiday networking

The start of the year is filled with events, which makes it the perfect time of year to network and meet new people. It is much easier to have a friend introduce you to spark new conversations and potential new connections.

If you are just getting started with your job search, use the start of the year to rebrand your CV and LinkedIn.

5. Rebrand yourself

Use this time to tailor your cover letter and update your CV to highlight certain skills specific to the types of roles you are looking to apply for. Ensure your LinkedIn is up to date and reflects your CV as many hiring managers and recruiters will look online to your profile. 



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