Making the most of your meetings

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Actively participating in meetings is a skill that doesn’t always come naturally. Learn how to effectively participate in meetings so you can influence outcomes and share knowledge. 

Get the most out of your meetings with these five tips:

1. Be prepared

Whether it’s your weekly catch-up with the boss or presenting financial results to key stakeholders, preparation is crucial to getting the most out of meetings. Review the agenda before the meeting, giving some thought to how you can contribute and what you would like to say.

2. Think in bullet points 

Communicate your views in bullet points; whether those are mental notes or written down they will structure your ideas. You can even begin by saying ‘I'd like to outline the three following points’ as it provides a frame for your comments.

3. Make eye contact

Strong eye contact with the speaker will give them visual cues, engaging with them and increasing your influence in the meeting room. 

Try not to sit next to your key report. Look for a seat opposite them so that you are maintaining eye contact with key people.

4. Share the stage 

It’s easy to think the only powerful place to be is holding court. If you hog the airwaves, people will soon get used to the sound of your voice and not hear what you’re saying.

A pause is powerful: it works like a verbal highlighter. If you want to emphasise a point, pause before you move on. Avoid talking without pause because it can make people feel excluded.

5. Summarise key action points

Summarise the action points from the discussion at the end of the meeting. This shows that you have been actively listening and understand what is required of you going forward.


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