4 corporate style tips

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As the corporate workplace evolves, so do expectations around corporate dress. We talk with nationally renowned stylist Darya Bing who takes us through 4 simple tips to create and maintain a sleek, confident and corporate wardrobe. 

1. Keep it classic

Always have a few classic pieces you can get mileage out of, such as classic button downs, the perfect jeans, fitted blazer, and a great coat. 

With that in mind you can go shopping with a list of what you own, love and wear, then shop for items that will complement what you have. 

2. Fit is everything 

Clean lines will never go out of style. Alter our clothes and hem those pants. Pants that are the wrong length for your shoes look untidy and damage the clothing. The better your clothes fit, the sharper you will look. 

It is also important to make sure you use the correct under garments as these can create smoother lines and silhouettes. 

3. Dress for your body not your age

Don't let your age stop you from wearing the clothes you love. As long as they suit your body shape and you feel confident in them, they are the right pick for you. 

Choose one body part to show off and only show skin strategically. For example, if you have a lower neckline top, you should wear pants or a mid-length skirt. 

4. Can you care for it? 

Will you be hand-washing that embellished top? Don't buy clothes you wont care for. Stop to think about how your new piece is going to hold up after a few washes. Corporate clothes are heavily re-worn so they need to be able to handle several wash cycles. 

Shop for natural materials as they feel better on the skin last longer and tend to look more effortless. If you buy better, you will buy less. 

If you buy better, you will buy less

If you look good, you feel good. Ditch the idea that work wear is a uniform, what you wear is a crucial part of first impressions and impacts on your personal brand. 


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