How to progress your career without resigning

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If you’re feeling unmotivated at work it could be time to take some steps to progress your career. It doesn’t always have to be a resignation. Here are 4 tips to boost your career without resigning. 

1. Develop a professional development plan 

Your professional development plan should have reasonable timelines and a real connection to where you’d like to be in 3-5 years time. Give some consideration to what would make you more effective in different scenarios. Push for support from your manager, having their input will provide more meaningful direction to your goals. 

2. Do you want to be a generalist or specialist? 

This will help you focus your attention so that you’re moving forward. What is going to work best in your industry? Additional study can help you to specialise or generalise your skillset. Look for study opportunities that are:

  • Funded through your workplace
  • Utilised by other companies in your industry
  • Offered by organisations that are market leaders in the industry 

You will also benefit from networking and meeting people in your industry.

3. Learn the business you’re in 

Sit down with teams and functions you interface with. This will help you to better understand the different aspects of the company and how they work together. Learning from your colleagues will provide you with a wider business view. In turn, you will become more valuable to the business.

4. Find a mentor 

This person can be someone in the business that works outside your function or someone outside of your business. Professional advice from someone you respect can transform your outlook and improve the way you manage challenging professional situations. 


Think about where you are now, what skills you have, and where you’d like to be. These steps put your career progression in your hands and where you’d like to go is up to you.  


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