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They are the latest marketing buzz words around town – “Content Marketing”. Recently dubbed one of the key marketing trends of influence, but what exactly is it, and how can you make it work for you?

Put simply, content marketing is the art of communicating with your customers by delivering engaging content that is not all about “the sale”. Its about educating your customer and equipping them with the information they need to make the purchase decision. The objective is to drive a long term and profitable relationship with the customer.

We've put together six incredibly simple ways to get more people to read your content:

  • It’s all about white space: Even complex content can be much more reader-friendly if you embrace the line break
  • Subheadings: It’s true, everyone is time poor and therefore do we really sit and read an article in full? No, rather we scan the page to establish if it has any relevance. Compelling sub headings will encourage more readers to engage with your content
  • Bullet points: Easy to scan, adds white space – it’s the easiest way to implement points one and two
  • Deep captions: Image captions are the most read copy on the page. Pair a strong image with a caption that will entice your reader to dig a bit further
  • Links: Link your content to other relevant articles to add credibility to your piece
  • Strategic formatting: Bolding important concepts so when potential readers scan your copy the most important information will jump out at them
  • Social media: Share your content on social media and help drive more traffic to your website

From digital, to social and now content marketing, there’s always a new trend for marketers to perfect. 

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