Should you become a cyber warrior?

With digital security attacks on the rise, should you become a cyber warrior? 

Cybercrime has been ranked second most reported economic crime after misappropriation of assets, according to a recent Global Economic Crime survey conducted by PwC. Falling under cyber attack can be a very costly exercise for an organisation. 

In March 2017, a group called the “Turkish Crime Family” claimed it had hacked Apple’s accounts. The group threatened to wipe millions of iPhones of all their data, including photos, videos and messages unless Apple paid a $75,000 USD ransom for the information recovery. 

Such events outline the increasing need for cyber security professionals in NZ, given the growing number of businesses relying on the protection of their Information Communication Technology (ICT) assets and online data. 

The fight against ransomware attacks

“Global incidents around the world have highlighted that cyber attacks are only likely to increase and become more sophisticated” says David Ferguson, IT Infrastructure Manager at Robert Walters Auckland. 

Businesses of all sizes are at constant risk of these attacks.  The US Congress announced in April this year that they would be doing more to support the 14 million small businesses that had fallen victim to cyber security attacks in the last 12 months.

A breach in digital security drives distrust in the company and with competitors always waiting, it is all too easy for customers to change sides. The increasingly sophisticated nature of these attacks means companies are racing to keep up. 

Global incidents around the world have highlighted that cyber attacks are only likely to increase and become more sophisticated

Safeguarding networks from cyber-attacks means new job opportunities

Safeguarding data will become paramount for business and budgets for cyber security will continue to grow to address risk ensuring it is approached correctly. 

The talent market has grown slower than the tech industry. To overcome this challenge, organisations can look at up skilling their IT staff or using the services of contractors. As a result, professionals with a track record in designing and implementing these strategies will be in hot demand in the New Zealand market.  

The security field is vast so if you are working in digital areas such as hands-on technical, policy, process, procedures and strategy then it could be time for you to become a cyber warrior.


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