Top tips for first time hiring managers

Finding the perfect person to join your team is not an easy thing to do, especially when it’s the first time you’ve led the recruitment process.

Follow our top tips to ensure you make the right hire.

1. Be specific

To try and eliminate any bad candidates from the offset, your job description should be clearly defined, outlining the job title, location, key responsibilities and your expectations. It should also specify key qualities and qualifications that you expect from those applying to the role.

Once you’ve found the perfect person, be sure to act quickly.

2. Be prepared when interviewing

      Just as you would expect the candidate to be prepared for their interview, it’s essential that you are prepared also. This means planning a list of questions before going into the interview. You should ask questions that encourage conversation and provide insight into the candidate’s experience and expertise that they might not have included in their application. Broader-based questions will help you decide how best they will ultimately fit with your team. 

3. Be prepared for negotiation

  O Once you’ve found the perfect person, be sure to act quickly. Checking references early and offering a contract promptly will help to secure an acceptance from the candidate, particularly if they are deciding between two roles. Be prepared to negotiate on salary and benefits, knowing the upper limit of your offer and when you will need to step away from the deal.


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