Interviewing via Skype


Skype is increasingly being adopted by businesses as an interview medium.  It saves time and money, does not incur travel costs and is a very sustainable practice with no carbon footprint.

The following tips should ensure you make the very best impression:



Do a run-through

  • Whenever you introduce Skype into the equation, glitches can occur unless you familiarise yourself with the technology.  In order to avoid technical issues, ask a friend to stage a ‘rehearsal’ with you so you can test your equipment and settings.  Key things to check include:
  • Volume:  Can you hear the ‘interviewer’ annunciate clearly?  Having to constantly ask for questions to be repeated will make for a very laboured interview and will not allow you to relax and be yourself.
  • Background Noise:  Soundproof your immediate environment by closing windows to avoid external traffic or aircraft noise.  Where possible, arrange for children to be looked after and ensure that pets are not in the immediate vicinity.  Don’t forget to turn off your mobile phone.

Screen placement: your background

Adjust your webcam so that the ‘interviewer’ can see your head and shoulders. If circumstances allow, you should mimic an in-person interview environment by sitting behind a desk. Be very mindful of what the webcam could pick up in the background. A blank wall is obviously a more professional backdrop than an unmade bed!

Prepare as you would for a ‘real’ interview

Whilst it is tempting to adopt a more ‘casual’ approach to Skype interviewing, if anything, it is more important to dress appropriately for this medium as you will be ‘framed’ by the computer screen. Try and keep your body language as natural as possible and remember to smile! There are several programmes available which allow you record your Skype interview and analysing this could give you invaluable insights into your interview technique. 

Post-interview etiquette

Where possible, don’t forget to send a thank you note to the interviewer immediately following your Skype interview. You can either record a message via Skype or simply send an email thanking them for their time.

For more interview advice, download our free interview guide or contact one of our expert consultants to discuss your career. 


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