The benefits of an agile working environment

Agile working environments are driving innovation, adaptability, user experience and destroying silos. We speak to Rhys Meaclem, Developer at Westpac, to understand the key principles of Agile and what the benefits of agile practices are to an organisation.

What is Agile?

An organisation’s agility is measured by distinct qualities which help businesses to respond rapidly to changes in the market while staying competitive and relevant. Westpac has successfully implemented these qualities for over two years and we’ve noticed a positive impact in applying this methodology in our processes.

What are the key benefits to an organisation?

1. Adaptability

Adaptability is critical to success now more than ever: change is going to happen whether you actively implement it or not. Modern businesses achieve when they adapt to industry shifts and integrate new technologies. It is about selecting the best technology to solve a problem, and being ready to experiment and learn during implementation.

2. User Experience 

User experience has become integral to the reputation of a brand. Customers are cautious, turning away from brands that don’t align with their own personal  values and needs, so being able to react quickly to improve customer experience is vital. A top-notch user experience is pivotal to keeping customers engaged with the brand. Every touch point matters, and every organisation should be  constantly questioning  how we are removing friction and enhancing the experience for every customer, regardless of where they are in the journey.

3. Innovation

New technology needs to be assessed, tested, analysed, and judged quickly in modern business. Organisations can no longer afford to waste time and resources implementing new technology that offers no real value. The faster your organization can progress  from conceptual ideas to execution and implementation, the more it can embrace opportunities to transform and even disrupt markets and internal business models. Westpac is different from other companies I’ve worked for, I have the autonomy to select the best technology to solve a problem, experiment and then learn as a team. 

Change is going to happen whether you actively implement it or not

4. Destroying silos 

Working in an agile environment means that organisational issues become solutions focused. The impact of this is that teams work more closely together to achieve business objectives. I work in a cross functional team which consists of a Product Owner, Scrum Master, Developers, Testers and BA. Working out of silos means we arrive at conclusions quicker and there is an increased level of  collaboration between the team and the organisation, resulting in a more complete solution. 


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