Robert Walters Hackathon 2018

Students at the Hackathon

The Robert Walters 2018 Hackathon took place in Auckland this August, with over 50 technology graduates ready to participate in the two-day event, solving one of five real-world problems. With the support of our business partners, TVNZ, Harmoney, The Instillery and IAG there were five different real-world problems that needed a real-world solution. The problems ranged from improving the employee induction process at IAG to getting more content in front of viewers for TVNZ. 

The 14 teams had one and a half days to ‘hack’ and present their solution to the judging panel. The panel was made up of Shay Peters from Robert Walters New Zealand, Rohan Aggrawal from AMP, and Simon Reedy and Rhiannon White from Westpac.

The winning team hacked the TVNZ problem. This was to address the TVNZ OnDemand service. With an expanding catalogue of online only content, the solution needed to provide ways for TVNZ to help viewers discover the breadth of content and find new shows to fall in love with.

winning hackathon team

The winning team delivered an engaging presentation involving two personas, Bill and Alicia, who had very different personalities. Their solution focused on giving the viewer control over what kind of content they wanted to watch. They developed an app within the TVNZ OnDemand site that consisted of a personality slider, whereby the viewer drags the slider to the preferred position to indicate their current mood. When both Bill and Alicia applied their personality traits to the personality slider the app recommended the most relevant content for them to view. 

The slider had one required input which was time, ranging from 20 minutes to complete binge mode, with optional inputs such as current mood or genre.

The judges felt the winning solution was uniquely pragmatic and could be implemented successfully within a short time frame.

The judges felt the winning solution was uniquely pragmatic and could be implemented successfully within a short time frame. They were impressed the team weighed up commercial drivers such as ROI and spend of public money in a State-owned enterprise. 

The Robert Walters 2018 Hackathon gave graduates the opportunity to network with potential employers, start thinking about their future career, and be selected for a coveted internship with our hackathon business partners. 

Thank you to all our business partners and facilitators, who assisted graduates in developing their solutions. The level of detail and dedication each team displayed was refreshing and energising, and the future of the tech industry looks bright with these graduates about to embark on their careers.


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