Five things every employer needs to know about technology in 2018


Our survey of New Zealand technology professionals has revealed the five forces that will shape the IT jobs market in 2018. Here’s what every employer should consider when assessing their tech talent requirements in 2018:


1. Technologists are about to get a whole lot busier

In 2018, workloads for IT teams will get even bigger, and employers will be actively seeking fresh IT talent. That’s the message from IT professionals in our survey, where 80% expected IT workloads to increase in 2018. To cope with these increasing demands, 50% of employers will be increasing hiring levels in 2018, and a further 40% will continue hiring at existing levels.

2. Competition for talent will be fiercer than ever

There may be more IT work and more IT job opportunities in 2018, but the talent pool will not be able to meet all that demand. Already in 2017, 68% of employers say their toughest IT recruitment challenge is finding suitable candidates – and that’s before next year’s workload increase kicks in.

3. Salaries for technology specialists are heading upwards 

Attracting and holding on to IT talent is going to get even tougher in 2018. Consequently, 76% of employers expect salaries to increase in their IT departments in 2018. Specialists in areas of highest demand will be subject to multiple job offers, and employers who move fast with candidate selection and job offers will stand a much better chance of securing the IT talent that they need.

4. IT professionals won’t just be motivated by money

Employers need to keep pace with market rates in 2018 but IT professionals are interested in more than just money. When weighing up job offers, one in three (31%) IT professionals said their first or second priority was getting the opportunity to work on the latest technology and innovative projects. Other factors that ranked highly included flexible working arrangements, strong leadership, and clear career progression opportunities.

68% of employers say their toughest IT recruitment challenge is finding suitable candidates

5. Demand won’t be high across the board

Specialist areas of highest demand in 2018 will be cyber security, development and digital, business intelligence and data management, and project management. However, demand will be lowest in 2018 for network analysts/engineers, web designers/developers, and programme managers.


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