Mobilising global talent to drive innovation

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On the face of it, New Zealand’s employment prospects appear robust. The Government forecasts an average growth rate of 2.9% per year over the next five years. But it also acknowledges that some skills are in “chronically short supply” right now. In a recent survey from global recruitment firm Robert Walters 85% of hiring managers said New Zealand’s skills shortage could be solved by hiring more from overseas, however 67% cited visa and immigration changes as their biggest barrier to doing so.

The survey to inform the guide mobilising global talent included the attitudes and opinions of 140 of New Zealand's top recruitment talent. The survey found that while the large majority (80%) had no problem persuading overseas-based talent of Australia’s livability, 72% were still “uncertain” or “not confident” about being able to secure enough overseas talent.

Can hiring global talent help decrease skills shortages?

More than half (61%) of surveyed hiring managers stated that their organisation was impacted by skills shortages. 

While the challenges are significant the payoff is great, 54% of those surveyed said that hiring international talent helped create a knowledge-based economy fueled by innovation.

Hiring from overseas can boost the diversity in your organisation and that can pay off in all sorts of unexpected ways.

Want to find out how employers can overcome the challenges of securing international talent?

Check out the mobilising global talent hiring guide here.


About the Research

The survey was developed and conducted by Robert Walters the results were informed by an online survey of more than 140 New Zealand professionals who are involved in hiring decisions for their organisation.