Policy Market Update - Q3 2021

Over the past 3 years, we have seen strong senior and principal policy advisors being highly sought after due to a candidate shortage in both the contract and permanent policy market. This demand for policy professionals has increased over the past year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. With borders being closed, and multiple new covid-19 response teams being established - there have been resourcing gaps in other key projects of work. In addition to Covid-19, we have government using the second-term to deliver on major initiatives, which have led to further capability requirements.

This candidate shortage has led to changes in the talent acquaistion process. On the permanent side, we have seen processes move quicker as managers compete to secure resources. In addition to this, there is an increase in counter offers as organisations attempt to retain their employees. These counter-offers usually include an increase in salary, further training, development opportunities and a change in job title. 

As the market changes, organisations need to look at new way to attract candidates and retain staff. More than ever we are seeing candidates enquire about flexible working arrangements. Futhermore, candidates are looking for the options to work 0.8 FTE or 4 days a week (as they balance work and life commitments). Another key change is with the recent pay freeze announced by the government. Consequently, candidates are looking elsewhere for increases in salary.

As a Policy team, we constantly strive to incorporate innovative approaches to recruitment that align with market trends. We have recently partnered with several organisations on a project basis, and have had success in running outsourced recruitment projects for hard to fill roles. In addition, we have been utilising video technology, such as Sparkhire, to bring candidates CV's off paper and give a value add to hiring managers.

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