Eat My Lunch - the lunch choice that makes a difference

When you buy your lunch from Eat My Lunch, not only will you get a nice meal but you'll be providing lunch for a Kiwi kid in need. It’s a little gesture that’s had a positive impact for so many Kiwi kids. With a good lunch in their tummies, the kids do better in so many ways from helping them focus on learning to simply just putting a smile on their faces.

Robert Walters was the first recruitment consultancy to sign on as a preferred caterer for Eat My Lunch. Robert Walters’ staff have been volunteering their mornings making sandwiches for kids in need across Auckland and Wellington, and loving every minute of it.

"It feels good to give back to the community. We love spending our time supporting  ‘Eat My Lunch’ and their efforts to provide lunch for Kiwi kids in need", James Greenland, recruitment consultant at Robert Walters says. 

Like the founders of Eat My Lunch, we believe that clever business solutions can help solve social issues. This is achieved through the creation of an innovative business model that intrinsically links a social objective into the heart of a for-profit business. The model is sustainable, scalable and enables Kiwis to help other Kiwis.

About Eat My Lunch

Eat My Lunch is a social enterprise that was started by Michael Meredith and Lisa King. They couldn’t believe how many Kiwi children went to school without lunch everyday and decided to do something about it.

Eat My Lunch is on a mission to ensure that no child at school goes hungry, starting with kids right here in our own backyard. For every lunch you buy, Eat My Lunch give a lunch to a Kiwi kid in need. Buy one. Give one. The business was conceived in response to big social issues happening right here in New Zealand. With 28% of Kiwi kids living in poverty and thousands going to school everyday without food, they decided to use their corporate experience to do something that really mattered. 

With the help of award winning chef Michael Meredith, Eat My Lunch offers individuals and workplaces fresh, healthy lunches delivered across Auckland, Wellington and Hamilton. And for every lunch bought, a lunch is given to a kid who would otherwise go hungry. In just 20 months, they have given over 590,000 lunches to kids in 42 low decile schools in Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington.


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