Rosamund More talks International Women's Day 2022


We spoke to Rosamund More, Manager of Commercial and Legal in the Robert Walters Auckland office about what International Women's Day means to her and how this is embraced at Robert Walters. Here's what she had to say:

Tell us about your background and  journey at Robert Walters. 

I studied law & marketing at Otago University and knew I wanted to use the knowledge gained in  my degree, but not necessarily as a Lawyer. I was lucky enough to secure a role in recruitment in 2014 at a small boutique in Auckland and quickly realised that it was   the right industry for me. After three years in that role, my partner & I decided to move to London and I was offered a role as a Consultant in the London Robert Walters in-house legal team in 2017. I progressed to Senior Consultant in 2018 and then become a Manager in 2020. I always wanted to head back to New Zealand and luckily the perfect role managing the Auckland Legal & Commercial team opened up in 2021 which enabled me to move home to a job which I know and love. .


What do you enjoy most about your role at Robert Walters? 

I think the best thing about being a Recruitment Consultant, and specifically a Consultant for Robert Walters, is the fact that we have the opportunity to help people and have an impact on their career. It is such a unique industry that affords you the chance to interact with high level, senior people from such a range of industries and builds  understanding and knowledge of their businesses and structures. The opportunity to pursue my career across two counties has been a major highlight of mine and is one of the many perks of working for a global organisation like Robert Walters. 


What does #breakthebias mean to you? 

Break the bias to me means not making assumptions based on stereotypes and I carry this mentality with me through my work both in the office and when meeting clients & candidates. Everyone has a unique set of talents and perspectives that are worthy of being seen and heard.


How can we #breakthebias in the workplace?

We can break the bias by making sure we are always listening, being supportive and coming together to celebrate each other’s achievements, so women can be proud, and others will hopefully be inspired to follow suit. It is important that this support is coming from all angles including women to women.


Any advice to other women? 

My advice to other women is not to be afraid to take risks, get out of your comfort zone and ask for what you want. As women, we tend to humbly understate our value and assume there is someone else better for a role or promotion,. My promotions and international transfers at Robert Walters were not just given to me, I was always pro-active in conversation with my managers to ensure that I knew exactly what I needed to get there. Thankfully I got the support, advice and mentoring in order to ensure my progression was enabled and achieved. 

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