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Talent Talk with Robert Walters is our global podcast series bringing together business leaders, recruitment experts and career growth specialists to share their insights and views on the latest hiring and career growth trends. So whether you’re an industry leader, people manager or job seeker, our podcast series has something for you.

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ED&I Podcast Mini Series - E5 - Tackling Diversity

In this episode of Talent Talk, we discuss how to identify, mitigate and manage unconscious bias, closing gender pay gap and how to ensure business leaders strategic decision making benefits from a broader range of perspectives, ideas and inputs.

ED&I Podcast Mini Series - E4 - Indigenous Employment

In this episode we talk about how employers can step beyond token measures and act to address underemployment among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

ED&I Podcast Mini Series - E3 - Gender Diversity

In this episode we speak with Sinead Hourigan and Troy Roderick about how we should aim to tackle gender diversity in the workplace. This is a topic that’s been discussed and argued over for decades, yet progress in many areas remains stubbornly slow.

ED&I Podcast Mini Series - E2 - Autism & The Workplace

In this episode, we speak with Dane Dougan Chief Executive of Autism NZ and Grant Habgood Auckland Director of Robert Walters. We look at Autism through the prism of jobs and employment, bust some myths and misconceptions, highlight the many strengths that autistic people can bring to the workplace and we discuss how employers empower and get the most out of their autistic employees.

ED&I Podcast Mini Series - E1 - Welcome

Welcome to our podcast mini-series, exploring what diversity, inclusion and equity really means for employers and employees. We’re going beyond the slogans and behind the scenes to reveal the real benefits, challenges, and solutions in hiring and retaining a diverse workforce.

The Exploring Hybrid Podcast - Rohini Ram from EY

In this episode, we talk to Rohini Ram, Partner and Head of People Advisory Services at EY as she discusses EY's own research into this new world of hybrid working models. Rohini also provides some tips and advice to both employers and employees on how best to maxmise efficiency and productivity, without sacrificing wellbeing.

IWD 2021 #ChoosetoChallenge

In this episode, Jodie Gillespie, Associate Director, Tech & Transformation team in Perth - Australia speaks with Kate Kirwin, Founder of She Codes. Kate is a passionate advocate for women in STEM and shares her challenges and advice for women looking to a career in tech.

The Exploring Hybrid Podcast - Mark Pesce from The Next Billion Seconds podcast

Welcome to the Exploring Hybrid podcast. In this series, we explore hybrid working, or a mix home and in-office working, and hear from industry leaders to get their insights on not only the obstacles, but the opportunities available to both employers and employees in this new hybrid world of work. In this episode, we hear from Mark Pesce. Mark has many titles, one of them being the host of 'The Next Billion Seconds' podcast, where Mark analyses trends of the future so we can make the best decisions today. We discuss with Mark the evolution of the hybrid working environment and get his insight on where hybrid will go in the future.

The Exploring Hybrid Podcast - Michelle Maldonado from Lucenscia

In this episode, we were fortunate to talk to Michelle Maldonado, CEO & Founder of Lucenscia, based out of Washington DC. As a wearer of many hats, Michelle's experience ranges from legal council, to running for US Office and most recently founding Lucensia, an organsiation based around ensuring wellness and resilience for positive performance impact. In our discussion, we talk about how businesses can adopt a compassionate mindset to ensure positive performance. We also apply a diversity and inclusion lens to the current hybrid working environment and discuss how hybrid models affect those with differing abilities Find out more about Michelle and her work here: Resources for listeners: Lucenscia Insights/Resources: https://www.lucenscia.com/lucenscia-insights Going Public: Iceland's Journey to a Shorter Working Week (June 2021 PDF): https://autonomy.work/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/ICELAND_4DW.pdf Books: Firms of Endearment (and performance graphic at bottom of page) Reinventing Organizations Finding A Space To Lead Downloadable "Reinventing Organizations Map" graphic: https://reinvorgmap.com/goingteal/ Communities: https://www.consciouscapitalism.org/ https://enliveningedge.org/

The Exploring Hybrid Podcast - Ivan Horg from Atlassian

In this episode of our Exploring Hybrid series, we hear from Ivan Horg, Engineering Manager for Atlassian, based in Sydney Australia. Following Atlassian's move to an almost fully Hybrid Model, Ivan discusses the practical outcomes from this decision and the different methods and tactics his team and the wider business implement to encourage innovation, engagement and productivity as they continue to explore this new way of working.