4 tips to control your inbox

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Feeling overwhelmed with the day ahead? Not sure how to tackle a growing to do list or an overflowing inbox of emails?

Here are our steps to help you manage your day:

  • Make a list of goals - Write down the goals you want to achieve by the time you leave the office for the day. Organise your goals into tasks to help balance out your day so you feel a sense of achievement at the end of the day.
  • Prioritise tasks to achieve your goals - Once you have organised your goals, break each one down into achievable actions as this will help you prioritise effectively. Have this list of actions within eyesight throughout the day will help keep you motivated. Physically ticking off what you have completed is also a great motivator. 
  • Allocate your time accordingly - From your list of actions, prioritise your time so that you don’t feel pressured or fall behind. Are you better off doing financial data first thing in the morning when you’re fresh and then brainstorming ideas in the afternoon, or vice versa?
  • Take a break - Finally, invest time each day in exercising, stretching or getting away from your desk for a break. This investment will ensure your energy levels and focus remain constant throughout the day.

Now that you have organised your day, here are four ideas on how to better manage your inbox to maximise your productivity and workload.

1. Do I need to send this email? 

Start with this question. Sending an email generally requires a response with actions so think about whether it can be delivered face to face or in a team meeting If you do answer yes, think about whom the audience is and what message needs to be conveyed.

2. Avoid lots of text

Format your email so that the important information is up top and in a logical order.

Sending an email generally requires a response with actions so think about whether it can be delivered face to face or in a team meeting.

3. Consider how you use CC

The use of CC should only be for information and not for actions for those that are included.

4. Provide a deadline date or call to action

Linking back to idea one and whether the email needs be sent, providing due dates or call to actions will be welcomed by the audience for managing their time and response back to you.

Adopting these four ideas will help manage the number of emails in your inbox and the responses received each day in managing your workload and supporting relationships and personal goals.


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