4 tips to future proof your marketing career

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Digital communication is now a necessary skill for any marketer, we explore how you can future proof your marketing career to ensure that your experience is up to date when considering your next career move in an ever evolving industry. 

Be proactive about your own progression

Staying relevant is essential in any industry, more importantly when digitalisation has had such a significant impact over the last few years. Take ownership of your own development by researching relevant courses and meet ups that you can attend to learn about the latest marketing technologies. Organisations like General Assembly offer courses for marketers at any level wanting to learn more about how tech is impacting their industry. 

Learn from your colleagues

Even though you may not be the lead digital marketer in the team, reach out to your digital counterpart to ask for advice or share knowledge on the latest digital advancements impacting your marketing strategy.  Generally speaking, the principles and objectives of the digital platforms will be the same, but the knowledge is applied in a different way, so it should be easy enough to pick up

Stay inspired 

You can learn and be inspired by fellow marketers by following your favourite brands on social platforms such as LinkedIn or Facebook.  Make sure you ‘like’ and  ‘follow’ such brands for the latest updates on new and innovative both B2B and B2C campaigns. Seeking a mentor in your industry is also a way to gain a broader knowledge of the sector and open up ideas about your own career path. 

Soft skills are still important

Whilst the digital era of marketing is influencing unprecedented change, it is still important to develop your soft skills. If you aspire to have a career in management within marketing, then you will need to be personable, commercially savvy and be able to lead a team. 

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