So you want to be a supply chain manager

Logistics and supply chain managers are the air traffic controllers of the global market and can give a company the advantage it needs to surge ahead of its competition.

If any part of the supply chain fails, then a business can find itself with a big problem.That's why good supply chain managers are such valued professionals.



What does a supply chain manager do?

A supply chain manager is responsible for managing and organizing the activities involved with the identification, acquisition, production and distribution of the goods that a company provides to its customers. Supply chain management typically begins with the acquisition of raw resources and ends with the delivery of the final goods to customers.

What skills do I need?

To be a supply chain manager you should have:

  • good planning and organisational skills
  • the ability to motivate and lead a team
  • good spoken and written communication skills
  • good problem-solving and maths skills
  • attention to detail
  • confidence in using computer packages such as spreadsheets and databases
  • the ability to work under pressure and to meet deadlines
  • good geographical knowledgeWhich qualifications do I need in order to become a supply chain manager?

With a degree, you may be able to start training with a larger employer on a graduate training scheme. These are structured programmes lasting from a few months to two years. During this time, you would have placements in several company departments, gradually taking on more responsibility and fast tracking yourself into a management position.

Alternatively, you could take on-the-job training and work your way up the career ladders. 

How much can I earn?

In New Zealand a supply chain manager can expect to earn anywhere between $80 – 120k, depending on experience and seniority. 

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