2020 Staff Retention Tips for Sales Leaders

The Mood of the Sales Leader survey revealed some interesting findings for 2020. A key goal of this survey is to challenge business leaders to constantly ask; “how can we be better in the sales arena?”

This is the third consecutive year of the Mood of the Sales Leader survey. It received responses from 226 sales leaders who are collectively responsible for over $10 billion in revenue and close to 5000 salespeople. Mood of the Sales Leader is supported by Robert Walters, PWC and Hubspot.

Competition will be the number one challenge for sales leaders in 2020. With increasing competition, your people will define your business and help you differentiate from your competitors. Sindy Ward, Associate Director, shares the latest research from the 'Mood of the Sales Leader' survey, as well as providing tips to sales leaders about how to retain your talent in 2020. 

  1. Encourage flexible working
    Flexible working is a compelling proposition to retain talent in 2020, as it has become an expectation for most employees. 75% of sales leaders are encouraging flexible working in their organisations. This figure is much higher than previous years and shows the importance that hiring managers and employees place on flexible working. This was also supported by our 2020 Robert Walters Salary Survey, where flexible working was rated as ‘very important to employees’. Are you incorporating flexible working into your business?

  2. Provide development & training opportunities
    25% of sales teams did not receive any skill development in 2020. Upskilling teams with both internal and external training drives better engagement from your employees as well as providing your customers with a better experience with your organisation. 

    Interestingly, in our Generation Gaps Whitepaper, 98% of Gen Y and 96% of Gen X and Baby Boomers revealed that ongoing learning and development is important to them. 

    To recruit and retain the best talent, employers must be proactive about upskilling their people.Employers that demonstrate a genuine commitment to training their people, and helping them adapt in a fast-changing economy, will have the edge when it comes to talent recruitment and retention. Professionals know that the most valuable commodity in their careers will be up-to-date skills and knowledge; and they will choose employers who help them remain current. 

  3. Invest in the right technology
    47% of sales leaders said it takes in excess of 6 months to get sales professionals up to full speed. Providing the right support and training for your employees will result in reduced onboarding costs to your organisation and a higher level of service from your employees to your customers. 


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