Embracing difference - how to recruit, retain and empower a diverse workforce

In today’s global economy, employers in Australia and New Zealand are in an enviable position. Within their reach is a talent pool reflecting the local population: multicultural, educated and rich in potential. But many organisations are still failing to fully tap in to this. Despite their best intentions employers often hire a relatively homogeneous workforce. Unconscious bias leads recruitment and promotion decisions astray. And many employees still feel that discrimination is prevalent.

Failing to hire and retain a diverse workforce can have a negative impact on organisations. They miss out on fresh perspectives and creative solutions to problems. They miss out on the benefits of a more engaged, motivated workforce. And they miss opportunities to ease the skills shortages that many of them face.

Our Embracing Difference whitepaper explores:

  • The strategic and tactical solutions to achieve greater diversity in ways that benefit both organisations and employees
  • The benefits of diveristy
  • Obstacles to diversity
  • Tactics employers should have in place to achieve greater diversity in the workplace 
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