Help & FAQs

Here's some resources to help you navigate your journey as a Robert Walters contractor.


Q: When I login how can I tell who my timesheet approver is?
A: The site contact person on your portal is your timesheet approver. 

Q: I have entered my hours but my manager can’t see them, nor did they receive an email notification to approve?
A: Did you click save or submit? If you clicked save it will be sitting in the ‘incomplete’ tab of the portal. You will need to log back in and click submit and then your manager will receive an email notification to approve your timesheet.

Q: What format do I need to enter my hours in?
A: Please enter your time in 24-hour format.

Q: How does my timesheet approver approve my hours?
A: Your timesheet approver has also received log in details to the FT360 portal and receives an email notification your timesheet is ready for approval when you submit it.

Q: I haven’t received my payslip?
A: Payslips are available on the portal COB Wednesday afternoon. You can download your payslips by selecting the drop-down menu “action” to view/save/email as PDF. Please save down your payment advice to a safe place on your device, as at the completion of your assignment you will only have access to your portal for an additional four weeks before your access is closed.

Q: I am getting an error message saying the timesheet cannot be submitted/saved or no items keyed?
A: You need to complete the Attendance/Absence section next to where you key your finish time. 

Q: When I log on for the first time it asks me to change my password, how many characters does that need to be?
A: Your new password must include a minimum of 5 alphanumeric characters.

Q: How do I expire a timesheet?
A: Click on the box to the left of your available timesheets to select the week ending you wish to expire. Once this is selected you and then click “expire” to the right of the screen.

Q: When do I have to have my hours submitted and approved by?
A: To ensure you are paid on time please complete your online timesheet and have your manager approve your timesheet by Tuesday 11am NZST.

Q: I’ve locked myself out?
A: Please contact the payroll office and we will unlock your account.
Telephone: 0800 400 828

Q: I don’t want to have to remember my Login?
A: On the login screen you can select ‘remember me’. You will still need to put your password in however your username will be remembered for next time.

Q: I’m on a daily rate why do I need to put in what time I start and stop working?

A: The payroll system will interpret your time worked during the pay run process. This will determine if you are paid a whole day, half day etc as per your current contract rules. Start and stop times are also required for Work Health and Safety purposes. 

Q: Is there an App I can use instead of the website link on my device.
A: There isn’t an app however through your mobile device setting you can add it to your home screen/desktop and it will appear as an icon.


Useful contacts

If you'd prefer to speak to a Robert Walters consultant, please contact your local office.