What is social marketing?

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Not to be confused with social media marketing, social marketing seeks to create behavioural change for the greater good of communities and individuals.

The original concept of social marketing was born from the same principles that were used to sell products to consumers.

However, in this case, they are applied to sell an ideology that affects behaviours and attitudes.

Jing Li, Marketing & Communications consultant says "Social marketing can be defined by initiatives that benefit the target demographic as opposed to the marketer themselves."

Who uses social marketing?

Social marketing is typically used by not-for-profits, charity foundations and government departments as well as emergency services such as the Police, Fire Service and Surf Life Saving.

These organisations employ social marketing to do things like raise awareness, encourage donations and change attitudes for the greater good of society.

Which professionals use social marketing strategies?

Social marketing can be defined by initiatives that benefit the target demographic as opposed to the marketer themselves.

"As social marketing evolves, organisations are increasingly looking for innovative ways to influence social change, and consequently many will be looking for individuals who can think outside the box." says Jing.

Professionals who are typically involved in social marketing campaigns include:

  • Not-for-profit marketing managers
  • Public relations specialists
  • Market researchers
  • Community programme developers

Is a career in social marketing right for you?

If you have a strong analytical mind and are passionate about giving back to the community, then a career in social marketing could be a good fit for you.

Robert Walters has strong working relationships with a number of not-for-profits and government agencies across New Zealand. If you would like to learn more about careers in social marketing then contact one of our expert consultants or, alternatively, check out our latest vacancies.

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