Bringing the best to New Zealand

When the British and Irish Lions take to the field with the All Blacks, extraordinary moments are guaranteed. Such is the power and potential when overseas and local talent is brought together in the same place at the same time.

I’m honoured to be part of a company who are touring partners for the 2017 Lions. It’s a natural fit. Every day, we partner with our clients to attract top global talent to work in New Zealand, whether they are New Zealanders coming home or the best overseas professionals.

We know who the homegrown talent is, and where to find them – whether they live here or overseas. And if they are abroad, we work to ensure that Kiwi talent isn’t permanently lost to the international market. Especially now, when several industry sectors are experiencing skills shortages.

As well as our offices in Wellington and Auckland, we operate in 27 countries worldwide, allowing us to stay in close contact with Kiwis during their OE. We keep them apprised of the rich opportunities waiting for them in New Zealand. And when they’re ready to return, we connect them with employers back home. We’re also on the pulse of world events that shape recruitment trends, and as such have seen a 30% increase in interest for Kiwis wanting to return home as a result of Brexit.

The more time we spend with the Lions, the more I realise how much we have in common. Like the Lions, Robert Walters selects talent across international borders. Like the Lions, we value teamwork ahead of individual glory. Unlike many recruitment consultancies, Robert Walters doesn’t operate on a commission basis. This gives candidates access to a range of potential employers so the right person is placed in the right job. And that’s why we deliver winning results for our clients and candidates.

I’m proud to share that message with overseas-based professionals, and invite them to experience it for themselves by working in New Zealand. We have a NZ International Career Management Consultant in London, dedicated to this mission. 

Above all, we believe in New Zealand business. We partner with organisations in every sector of the economy, and recruit domestic talent across all cities and regional centres. So we know first-hand how dynamic and dedicated Kiwis are. 

Flying the flag for New Zealand abroad is made all the easier when we highlight the healthy Kiwi lifestyle and world class sporting heritage. We’re looking forward to sharing a taste of that with the British and Irish Lions this year too.

Interested in making the move to New Zealand? Check out our International Career Management program to find out more.