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The Ministry of Education and the environment in which it operates has evolved. Learn about Early Learning and Student Achievement (ELSA).


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Why Ministry of Education?

Over the past three years, the Ministry of Education has undergone a transformation programme, shifting from leading, to providing stewardship to the sector and ELSA is integral in driving this change. 

The new structure for ELSA reflects the need to move with pace, drive results, be agile and responsive. We will quickly test ideas and their viability and know when to move on. We need good people to ensure that this change is supported and to ultimately uphold our vision of 'making learning and teaching relevant, real and valued.'

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Development Opportunities at ELSA 

To help you keep learning and developing in your job, we offer training programmes, mentoring and other opportunities. You'll make a plan with your manager to set goals you would like to achieve and work out how we can help you reach them. 

If you'd like to take on further education, you can access on-the-job qualifications through the National Qualifications Framework or study with a teritary institution. We offer a subsidy to help with course costs if your study directly relates to your development in your role with the Ministry and will benefit the Ministry overall. We also offer study leave, mentoring and support to ensure you make the most of your educational opportunity. 

Check out the benefits of working at the Ministry of Education.

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