About the Performance Potential Squad

The Performance Potential Squad (PPS) is a key high-performance athlete development programme at Athletics New Zealand. The programme better prepares and equips athletes to maximise potential and sustain future high-performance success. They do this by supporting and better preparing athletes for the high-performance environment.

Just like Robert Walters, they drive ongoing development and send athletes to major events to succeed, not simply take part.

Selections consider current performances and progression; performance behaviours, skills and abilities; and the training environment that supports ongoing performance development and potential for achieving future high-performance success.

  • Furthering the understanding of what to develop to maximise athlete potential. 
  • Support and prepare people for their next opportunity 
  • Prepare and equip people 
  • Supporting ongoing development and potential for future success 
  • Sustain future high-performance success by supporting and preparing people for the next environment


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