Frequently asked questions

After I apply, how long will it be until I receive a link to complete the video profile? 

We will endeavour to send you a link within 2 working days

Do I need to gather all my documentation prior to starting the video profile recording? 

Yes, unfortunately once you’ve completed the video profile, you can’t get back into the platform to upload documents. It’s best that you have the paperwork in order first. If not, then don't worry - you can send your supporting documents to one of our team here

Do i need to apply with a team or can i apply as an individual?

You can apply for this event as an individual. We will be selecting the top 16 solutions and you will have the choice of working on 1 of the 16 solutions during the event. These solutions will be disclosed to you prior to the event, to help you prepare and decide which solution you’d like to work on.

We can’t guarantee that everyone will get their top choice, so have up to 3 solutions in mind that you’d be keen to work on. You will form teams at the start of this event, and that is the team you will work with during the Hackathon. 

Will we going to meet the company to present the solutions in person?

Our clients will be attending the event on the Friday, so you will have the opportunity to present your team’s solution in person. There will be no contact with the company outside the event.

I’m still at university, so I don’t have an official transcript - what do I do?

That’s totally fine. If you can’t provide us an official transcript, we will accept an unofficial transcript, or even a screenshot of your grades to date in your student portal.

I’m out of university now, and have been for a few months, can I still apply?

Yes of course!

What references can I use?

We’re looking for a character reference, it doesn’t have to be a work related referee. You can ask your lecturer, tutor, sports coach, or anyone you’ve done volunteer work for. 

How many real world problems do I need to work on?

Focus on just one of the 5 problems listed here. You need to think about your solution in detail, as you and a team could be working out solution during the Hackathon. Tell us which solution you’re keen to tackle during your video profile. 


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