Hackathon schedule

Robert Walters is hosting it’s annual Hackathon! Join us at the GridAKL on the 12th and 13th September. 

Information session - 10 September

5.00pm: Session begins

  • Welcome
  • Overview of the event
  • Formation of teams
  • Decide on real world problem to solve
  • Get to know your team mates and start planning

6.00pm: Session ends


Day One - 12 September

8am: Doors open and coffee is served

8.30am: Hackathon briefing begins. It is important to be at this briefing so you are aware of how the day will run

9am: Start hacking

10.30am: Morning tea 

12.30pm: Lunch 

2.30pm: Afternoon tea 

5.30pm: Day one ends 


Day Two - 13 September

7.30am: Doors open and coffee is served

8.00am: Continue hacking

10.30am: Morning tea

11.30am: Hacking ends 

1.00pm: Presentations start 

3.00pm: Presentations end 

3.45pm: Networking prep

4pm: Networking event and winners announced 


We look forward to seeing you at the 2019 Robert Walters Hackathon. 

Applications closed