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Introducing FoRWard, our dedicated magazine which provides articles and advice to add value to the professional and personal lives of our Robert Walters community…that’s all of you.  Thank you for the continuous role you play as part of our community. 

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Employee Assistance Program

Robert Walters cares for the people who work for it. Which is why providing EAP support services for our contractor community to access, is an important step forward in our commitment to improving our health and wellbeing services to you.

To access the EAP support service – it is a referral program that starts with contacting your Robert Walters’ Consultant first – they will provide you with the details on how to contact the EAP service provider.

Also, the EAP service is FREE – access is at no cost to you.   You can connect as a face-to-face meeting, phone consultation, live chat or video conference.  

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Work Health Safety & Wellbeing in 2024 and Beyond | Robert Walters

Throughout 2023, we've seen significant legislative workplace reforms come into effect with more due this year, that demonstrate our respective Government’s role to this focus through education, compliance and enforcement. The guidance from Australian and New Zealand national advisory and regulatory

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New Service - Recruitment Inclusivity Audits | Robert Walters

Demands for more diversity in the workplace from employees, shareholders, and other key stakeholders are now a business imperative. Moreover, ethnically and culturally diverse boards are 40% more likely to have higher profits compared to low-diversity boards. The Robert Walters Group (RWG) found tha

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Is this the end of the 5-day week?

2023 may be the year that a 4-day week becomes a reality for many organisations across the globe thanks to the latest UK trials being deemed a huge success. 61 companies including around 2900 employees took part in the latest trials enabling all employees to work a 4-day week instead of their usual

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