Reflections from Future Leaders on Attending Inspiring Stories' Festival For the Future

Meet Marike Ras and Sharon Ndlovu, members of the Inspiring Stories Future Leaders Whangarei cohort. We were lucky enough to sponsor their recent attendance at this year's Festival For The Future event held in Wellington. Read on to learn more about them and find out more about their time at the Festival

Marike Ras

Having immigrated from the Netherlands back in 2006, Marike now lives in Whangarei and joined the Inspiring Stories' Future Leaders Programe this year. With this being her first time attending Festivale For The Future, Marike found the speakers like Hon. Priyanca Radhakrishnan powerful and inspiring. Click to find out more about her story and what she felt was the most powerful experiences at this years' Festival For The Future. READ MORE >

Sharon Ndlovu

Origionally hailing from Zimbabwe and moving to Aotearoa when she was 7 months old, Sharon has been apart of the Future Leader's program since 2019. Sharon found the content that touched on movements and causes she wasn't previously aware of, like the presentation on the banning of conversion therapy by Shaneel Lal, particularly powerful and educational to the different movements and causes happening nowadays.

Click to read more about her journey throughout Festival For The Future. READ MORE >

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