Participating companies 

A big part of the Hackation is providing talented individuals like you, the opportunity to work in some of New Zealand's best companies. 

We have a growing list of companies supporting the Hackathon and hiring students / graduates. A foot in the door to companies like this can be a career changer.

These are companies that thrive in the Tech market and all present unique opportunities to learn about the market you're going to work in. 

Check out the full list of companies involved here. 


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Real world problems to solve

Our clients have supplied some real world problems that they need help solving. Check out the list below, have a think about which one you'd like to solve and what your solution might be. 

Have a think about what real world problem you can offer a solution to and include it in your application. You will be matched with other people who are interested in solving the same real world problems. 

You will form a team on the day, and your team will present to a panel of judges to determine the winner. 

Check out the list of real world problems here.