The Exploring Hybrid Podcast - Ep3 Michelle Maldonado -        Founder & CEO of Lucenscia

Kate Kirwin

In this episode, we were fortunate to talk to Michelle Maldonado, CEO of Lucenscia, based in Virginia in the United States. As a wearer of many hats, Michelle's experience ranges from legal counsel, to running for the House of Delegates, to founding her consultancy Lucenscia, which helps leaders do their inner work to achieve positive organisational transformation.

In our discussion, we talk about how businesses can adopt a compassionate mindset to enable positive performance. We also apply a diversity and inclusion lens to the current hybrid working environment and discuss how hybrid models can empower those with differing abilities.

Lucenscia Insights/Resources: 

Going Public: Iceland's Journey to a Shorter Working Week (June 2021 PDF):


Downloadable "Reinventing Organizations Map" graphic: